Sunday, March 15, 2015

This is Not Martial Arts

This is Not Martial Arts

Viewer discretion advised, very violent and graphic content.  This is a clear example of what is not Martial Arts.  This is a street fight between 2 amateurs.  This is an unarmed fight between two individuals one on one.  The fight ended extremely quickly.  Any fight that ends very quickly is an example of the reality of real combat.  This is a fight between two enemies.  This is a fight filled with anger, hatred, and violence. 

This is a fight that caused great bodily harm and potential death.  There were no referees, no bystanders, no Police Offiers there to stop the fight.  Even after the video was shut off, the aggressor could have still attacked his enemy and taken away his life off camera.  This fight is gruesome, ugly, disgusting, and clearly not a form of entertainment.  This fight is raw footage of a crime taking place, a video of a potential murder. 

How does your heart respond when watching this video?  Do you feel excitement and joy to see somebody else in great pain?  Do you feel compassion towards the man who has been severely injured?  If you feel excitement and joy to see somebody else in great pain, your heart has turned into a Fighter.  If you feel compassion towards the man who has been severely injured, in your heart, you have the heart of a Martial Artist. 

A Martial Artist would never inflict this sort of aggravated violence towards another human being but in the same token, a Martial Artist must be adequately prepared to defend himself against such aggravated violence.  There is a fine line that you cannot cross that makes the difference between a Street Fighter and a Martial Artist.  A Martial Artist has a compassionate heart, a Street Fighter, is like an assassin, he will kill upon command.  I speak against cage fighting, because I discourage this sort of violent behavior in society.  Yes there is worse, there is gun violence, but this sort of violence is leading towards the worse. 

I do not support Boxing, but I respect the rules of Boxing.  Never hit a man that is grounded, give him some time to get up to defend himself, or give him 10 seconds to decide whether or not he wishes to continue.  Do not brutalize someone weaker just because you happen to be more powerful.  No professional boxer will ever be rewarded for beating down his opponent after he has fallen down to the ground.  

I would never wish to teach anybody the Martial Arts who plans to use what they have learned to abuse their powers.  I would rather not teach the Martial Arts than to be responsible for training just one person to do what this aggressor has done in this video. 

I do not wish to share negative energy on my news feed, but I decided that the feelings that this video has created within my heart had to be expressed, I express what I am expressing because I care about this world.  I hope to contribute positivity to this world, and my way of doing so is condemning this sort of violent behavior.   Those who teach the Martial Arts, I hope you will take greater responsibility to know whom you are teaching.  Those who are learning the Martial Arts, I hope that you will take greater responsibility in determining which techniques are justified to be used in which situations. 

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  1. These MMA rapists have a lot to answer for. This is what cage fighting McDonalds Martial Arts is promoting. If it wasn't for MMA's influence, the aggressor would've left the victim alone after knocking him down. You tried to express that in your philosia's but the youtube MMA rapists spoke louder & silenced your freedom of expression. I hope this does not discourage you in any way. Keep up the good work.


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