Saturday, March 14, 2015

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

“Energy or power is active and infectious.  Remember, well-being and health are equally infectious.  Not only does evil enter you through others, but also goodness enters you and flows to others.  You feel a freshness in the company of a fresh person.  Sit a little with stale, sad, half-dead people, and their drawn faces will so affect you that you depart a different person – sad, ready to cry like them.  Sit with laughing, gay people and even if you have been sad, their joy will begin to infect you.  Man is not different from or separated from man.  From within we are all connected and flow into each other.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 469

This quote is very true to me, when I am around very sad and depressed people, it effects my energy level, when I am around very smiley and happy people, it gets me very uplifted.  I see the reason why America loves dogs is because dogs are naturally always joyful and happy, they have no ego, as long as they are healthy, they are happy and full of energy.  I see the same with children.  If children are raised in a healthy household, they are full of laughter, smiles, and positive energy; this energy cannot help but rub off into you as well.  I don’t have many close friends; I stick close to my family which I work hard towards creating that positive and happy atmosphere.  With my students, I work hard towards creating that positive and happy atmosphere, with the few close friends that I do have, I choose to have positive and happy friends.  My life is very simple and basic, it’s all about family, friends, training, teaching, reading, and writing. 

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