Monday, March 9, 2015

Aware of Death

Aware of Death

“Among human beings you are just an animal if you do not have a clear perception of death.  As you become aware of the end, what you value in life changes.  What was important until yesterday seems worthless today.  What was meaningful up to now becomes meaningless as soon as awareness of death occurs.  Many dreams were dreamt, many hopes were pinned on the rainbow of desires, but when death knocks at the door these fall like a house of cards.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 361

Awareness of death helps me stay in the moment, helps me be in meditation.  This way I take more risks, I take more chances, because tomorrow may never come.  I’ve learned to enjoy my life right now, not to wait to enjoy my life at a later time.  I do not save up for a vacation; to me every day is a vacation.  I do not celebrate holidays; to me everyday is a holiday.  I never plan to enjoy my life when I retire, to me, I enjoy my life every day and death is my only retirement.  I save money but I don’t save too much money, all that money saved is meaningless when you die.  I aim to experience everything that I wish to experience in life, tomorrow is never guaranteed, and that is the beauty of life. 
– Sifu Freddie Lee

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