Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Renaming McDonald's

Sinc e I saw a post of Sifu Freddie Lee about McDonald's, I have been thinking of how I can rename that fuckery that they call fast food. The list is very long and I might swear here and there, so here are the following names: Shitdonald's, retardonald's, blowjob donald's, stupidonald's, bullshitdonald's, michael jordonald's, lebron jonald's, poisondonald's, fatdonald's,...and last but not least FUCKDONALD'S... Choose one of the names.
PS: There are no wrong answers! Have a Donald's Day!


  1. Man you pissed! I'm attacking McDonald's because to me it is just like MMA, it is a huge detriment to society but yet it is advertised and promoted everywhere. But the nice thing is that they are worried, there are competitors that are making them lose profit and that's a beautiful thing. It give me hope, if McDonald's can fall, so can MMA.

    1. Oh yeah. I believe so too. There will come a time where both organizations will crumble. Like you said, just because they are popular now does not mean it will be popular in the future. In the meantime, let them clowns run the circus... They will play themselves out.


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