Thursday, March 5, 2015

Don't Be Afraid to Sing

"People are afraid to sing.  Birds do not care whether their voices are sweet or not, but man is very careful.  Only a few pwoepl sing, those with good voices; the rest sing only in the bathroom where no one can see and no one can hear."

"All you require is a the courage and daring to be a little mad, and then the song will spurt out of you.  Birds don't go to college to learn music; they don't worry about who says what; they are not anxious whether their song will sell; they sing with joy and abandon." - Osho "The True Name" pg. 308-309

This is a very important teaching on what it means to be a true Artist.  A true Artist is a someone who is self-expressive from within.  He does not express to impress others, he simply is authentic from within.

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