Sunday, March 15, 2015

Prison Fight Caught on Tape – Bully Picks On Skinnier Man

Security Camera Catches Prison Fight – Bully Picks On Skinnier Man

This is a video showing a real fight, this is not for entertainment.  I am referencing this video for educational purposes, not to promote violence.

There was a heavier set person in a stripe shirt who was the Bully and then there was a skinner person wearing all black who was being bullied.  The person in all black was laying on the ground trying to sleep.  The Bully was speaking on a cell phone with someone telling him/her that he was in the county jail.  The skinny person in all black corrected the Bully and told him that it was a city jail, not a county jail.  The Bully felt disrespected because of this correction, I guess he could not handle someone correcting him because he felt it made him look stupid.  The Bully proceeds to strike the skinny person laying on the ground repeatedly.  The Bully strikes the skinner person with fists a few times. 

The skinnier person gets up and starts fighting back.  The skinner person lands some devastating punches on the Bully and dazes him.  The skinner person proceeds to land multiple devastating blows towards the bully knocking the bully back.  The cops get involved and taze the skinner person and the skinny person drops straight to the ground hitting the floor hard.  The Bully gets surrounded by the Police, the Bully then tries to lie to the police to tell them the skinny person was striking him for no reason. 

Although I do not promote violence, I see that this video can serve as an educational tool for Martial Artists in training.  This is an example of what I consider a real fight; this is clearly not combat sport.  The camera is in one fixed position, there is no paying crowd cheering for these people to fight.  The person being bullied was not ready to fight, he did not want to fight, he was just attacked violently spontaneously.  This is how a real fight many times begins.  There is always a bully or aggressor and then there is a defender who does not want to fight but then ends up fighting to protect his own life.  This video is a prime example of that. 

Yes the person being bullied should not have been in jail, but you don’t know why he was put in jail, he may have been wrongfully arrested, or he could have been locked up for a misdemeanor violation of law, such as a suspended license, DUI, smoking marijuana, a domestic, etc.  What I am saying is that the person that was bullied is not necessarily an evil person, he might have just made a mistake and was caught breaking the law by the police. 

But if you assess this video alone, you clearly see that the skinny person was not a violent person looking to hurt other people, he was just laying down.  But what he did was he corrected the bully on the location of the jail.  And many times when dealing with an aggressor, a gang member, or a criminal, you have to be very careful what you say.  A bully will take offense to anything and everything.  You look at him the wrong way and he will want to fight. 

You correct him on his vocabulary and he will want to fight.  You are wearing something expensive that he wants and he will want to fight you for it.  You are walking down the street with a beautiful lady and he will want to fight.  A bully will constantly want to fight at all times.  When encountering a bully, it is best to stay silent, if anything that is what the skinny person did wrong, he corrected the bully and the bully felt embarrassed because of this correction; now the bully was ready to kill. 

When dealing with any bullies or people who greatly lack intelligence, it is best to remain silent and even prevent eye contact with these individuals, as they will take it as a challenge.  But the skinny person fought back exactly the way a Martial Artist should fight back, as a defender, never an aggressor. 

This is also an example of a real fight because there were no rules, it was anything goes.  There were no gloves, no body protection, no mouth guards, etc.  It was a real, raw fight.  The police even got involved and tazed the defender not knowing who was in the wrong.  This is also an example of a real fight because there clearly were no weight classes.  It was not like the bully decided not to pick on this skinner man because he weighed much less or that he was younger or older.  The Bully will attack anyone no matter the gender, size, weight, height, or age of whomever he wishes to bully. 

Martial Artists need to be prepared against anything and everything.  It is totally different than combat sport; this is an example of real life survival training.  As far as the person being bullied, although he fought back with great skill after being spontaneously attacked, it was not smart for him to be in a position of vulnerability especially in such a high risk environment.  If he was standing in awareness being alert, it would have given him a much better advantage.  You cannot put your guard down during situations of danger. 

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