Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Warrior Caste

The Warrior Caste

“Ninety percent of all wise men of India come from the Kshatriya caste, including Nanak, Krishna, Rama, Mahavira, and Buddha.  They have certain qualities which make it easy to attain knowledge – courage and boldness.  Not so many Brahmans or other castes have reached the ultimate truth as the Kshatriyas.  The reason is that the warrior will stake his all; he isn’t afraid of danger.  It is impossible for a warrior to forget death.  It stands at his door at every moment.  And he who remembers death begins to be reminded of God also.”  - Osho “The True Name” pg. 345.

The “Kshatriya” caste is likened to my understanding of Martial Artists.  It is no coincidence that the spiritual foundational teachings of the Martial Arts are based on Buddha’s teachings.  Buddha himself had Martial Arts in his blood, Buddha was from the Kshatriyas caste, he was from the Warrior caste.  There is something in my own blood that makes me fearless.  Something about me that never forgets about death.  Because of this, I find it easier to be in meditation.  I do not take my life for granted, I never thought that I would live until this age of 33, since my awakening, I have been prepared to die early. 

I welcome death when it comes, and with this attitude, every single year that passes, is a gift.  Another year of life that I never thought I would experience.  This way of living, forces me to be in the present moment, that is why I do not plan ahead very much, that is why I am so spontaneous and difficult to control.  This warrior caste to me is very much symbolized by the Chinese Dragon.  Mysterious, spontaneous, and powerful.

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