Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wrestler dies after match(plus my opinion towards combat sport)

I know this has nothing to do with Martial Arts & I comprehend that. But I just had to show this video as me taking umbrage towards those who make such harsh statements towards professional wrestlers such as downplaying their sport as fake.

The MMA fans are among the most notorious for uttering such claims.

Professional Wrestling, as a combat sport has been around for many many decades. As early as the 1920's according to what I researched thus far. As opposed to this cage fighting garbage, which only got popular in the early 90's via those plagiarists of the martial arts known as the DisGracies. One could argue that cage fighting "evolved" from Pankration which "originated" from the Greco-Roman period of time. Yet Pankration as a combat sport was not as mass commercialized back then as opposed to this cage fighting nonsense today.   

& yes I say Professional Wrestling is more realistic than this cage fighting because of the fact that it creates situations where it's not always 1-on-1 fights as someone can also interfere in the match. & its more than just stand up fighting & ground fighting. You got matches where people fight with weapons.(you know, what usually happens in a real street fight) & they don't allow weapons in the cage. There's situations where people jump off of objects with the risk of injuring themselves in order to close the gap against their stronger adversaries. This cage fighting(along with other combat sports such as boxing & K-1) have different weight classes. Professional Wrestling had matches where light heavyweights fought larger opponents.

So Professional Wrestling is more of a realistic mixed combat sport than this cage fighting garbage will ever be.

R.I.P. to that poor individual who lost his life doing what he loved. & it's sad that he will be mocked by these pathetic MMA fanboys as a man who died in a "fake" sport.


  1. Thanks for sharing, this is a very sad video to see this happen but can be used as a learning opportunity. I hope it can be used as a way to help open peoples eyes.

    1. It would be extremely beneficial to society the moment every combat sport ceases to exist.


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