Thursday, March 5, 2015

Combat Sport and Suffering

Combat Sport and Suffering

“Keep it well in mind not to support a man who is in suffering or troubled, for that is a sin and equal to inflicting pain on him.  It is a very subtle device.  Should I want to pierce you with a dagger it would be a sin.  But if you thrust a dagger into your chest and I say, “Wonderful! What a sacrifice!  You have become a martyr!” it is sinful and I am partner to the act.  A man lying on a bed of nails is a sinner all right, but those who come and offer flowers and coins at his feet are also partners in his sin.  They are offering him encouragement by calling him a saint.  These are two types of sick people; both suffer from a perverted state of mind.  Beware of them both.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 316

I do not encourage or admire people who do harmful things to their bodies or cause harm onto others.  I am not entertained by watching humans destroy one another in violence.  The onlookers paying for fighters to hurt each other encourages the behavior and it is just as much of a sin.  Even giving fighters attention, encourages the behavior and it is just as much of a sin. 

There is a big difference between being inspired by Martial Art movies than it is to watch and promote combat sport.  Martial Arts and Combat Sport are opposite.  Martial Arts is a creative expression, combat sport is destructive and violent.  Martial Arts is meditation.  Combat sport is ego.  They are opposite.  I encourage the public to be influenced and inspired by Martial Artists, but I discourage the public from paying any attention to fighters.  The fighters and the people who encourage the fighters to fight are both sick.  Just like the dog owners who train their dogs to fight and the people who will pay to watch two dogs fighting, the dog owners and the audience are both sick. 

Do not support a man who is suffering.  Support the positive and healthy man who lives a long life.  Boxers, football players, and fighters all die young.  I do not admire them.  Martial Artists live long healthy lives, I support Martial Artists.   

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