Monday, March 16, 2015

Real Violence on the Streets – 2 Shot dead outside of a Club in Chicago

Real Violence on the Streets – 2 Shot dead outside of a Club in Chicago

Another example of real street violence.  A fight broke out in a club in Chicago, the fight got broken up and the people involved were kicked out of the club.  They gathered outside the club and started shooting.  1 wounded and 2 shot to death.  As a Martial Artist in training, you should not be in a club to begin with.  Martial Artists do not hang out in clubs and environments that are a breeding place for criminal activity.  A Martial Artist has to be always aware of the bully and criminal mentality. 

The bully and criminal mentality is always ready to fight.  They are willing to kill you over respect.  If you step on their toes and don’t say sorry, they will kill you.  If you bump into them without saying sorry they will kill you.  If you are popular with the ladies in the club they will kill you.  If you embarrass them in anyway, they will kill you.  If you look at them the wrong way, they will kill you.  Nightclubs are the breeding grounds for gang and mafia activities.  Alcohol, drugs, prostitution, guns, knives, fights, gambling, etc.

Always remember that combat sport is not real fighting, combat sport never teaches you about retaliation.  In real life, if you fight someone and beat him up, even if you are justified in doing so, be prepared for that person to come after you and kill you.  You don’t even have to beat him up physically, you embarrass him in front of others, you call him names, you disrespect him, he will seek revenge and kill you. 

These bully’s and criminals on the streets will live and die over respect.  They are the types of people that will hit on your girlfriend at the club and grab her body parts and if you try to protect her, they will kill you.  So you end up being in a position where if you try to protect her, you either put your life in risk of death or you will have to take their life, and if you take their life, you will have to then be prepared for the retaliation from their friends. 

Going to the clubs at night is as stupid as going to hang out in prison once or twice per week for a little excitement.  The same people that you will meet in prison are the same people that you will find at the bars and clubs at night.  Working security at a nightclub is more dangerous than being a Police Officer on the streets.  These security guards do not carry guns, they are outnumbered, they are working in an environment that is a breeding place for criminals and almost everybody inside the club is not in the right mind state because they are strung out in alcohol or drugs.  Risking your life for a measly $10/hr working security at a nightclub is just not worth it.  Police Officers have guns, bullet proof vests, tasers, batons, back up, and the authority of law behind them.  Security guards have none of this. 

In my eyes, a Martial Artist would not be found at the bars or clubs, he would not be working security at the bars or clubs, he would not even allow alcohol to enter into his body.  A Martial Artist would also influence his family and friends to do the same, and thereby these decisions protect him and all his loved ones from violence.

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  1. I like your message freddie lee and I well always keep that in mind and remember


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