Saturday, March 7, 2015

No Dignity and Honor

No Dignity and Honor

“You may sit on a throne but you will attain no dignity and honor.  The honor of this world is no honor, for here is merely the play of the waves. Who is going to remember you when you are gone?  And who really bothers about you while you are alive – even though you may be sitting on a throne?”

“Look at those who rule the land.  Wherever they go they are received with thrown stones.  You look for flowers but you get stones thrown at you. You look for respect and you are insulted.  If you gain your place by force, there are always others to pull you down by your leg.  Ask the politicians.  Their names may appear in the papers and their every action becomes news, but they are equally criticized.  In this world if you want to win, you are bound to lose; if you hanker after honor, you are bound to be insulted.  Dignity exists only when you are with God.” 

“So Nanak says to pick up the carrying-bag of dignity and honor, throw away the sack of arrogance and ego that you are carrying.  Discover egolessness, shyness and contentment, and your roots will have begun to spread towards God.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 341

All positions of power are only momentary, the time will pass and you will once again become powerless.  True power is not external but internal.  Internal power cannot be taken away, internal power is a part of the universal power that is forever enduring.  External power can be taken away at any moment.  Any person in a position of power will be targeted by those who are jealous and envious, just waiting to take their place.  It is an endless state of war.  You can end this state of war, this power struggle at anytime by taking yourself out of the rat race.

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  1. That is very true. Internal power last forever but external power is temporary. Too bad we are so stupid because we keep striving towards the external.


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