Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be Happy, Be The Lamp

Be Happy, Be The Lamp

“Your misery will increase the suffering of others; it raises the ratio of suffering in the world.  If you are happy you make suffering that much less in the world.  One single person’s happiness and joy raises currents strong enough to make those around him happy.”

“If a single house has a lamp, it helps make the neighbors conscious that their houses are in darkness.  When one lamp is burning it is not difficult to light others with it.  One lamp can light the lamps of the entire world.”  Osho – “The True Name” pg. 318

Be positive, spread positive energy.  Smile more, be in the present moment, be in meditation.  There is no suffering when you are in meditation.  There is no suffering when you are in awareness.  Suffering is caused by the mind, by the ego, by our thoughts.  Eliminate these suffering thoughts and happiness will be the outcome.  Become the happy person that lights up the world around you. 

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