Friday, October 24, 2014

Freddie's Channel shut down again? WTF?

Can someone please tell me why Freddie's channel has been shut down again? What did he do this time? All I know is that he was sharing Osho's quotes. Did that had something to do with it? 
I haven't watched Freddie's videos in days so I do not know what is really going on. 

My preconceive opinion is youtube is BULLSHIT!


  1. I agree youtube is bullshit lol but as far as I know he didn't do anything offensive or misleading so i don't know why they shut it down maybe they were pissed off cause he was sharing the truth.

  2. This is ridiculous, the only reason I can think of, somebody reported it for copyright infringement, because of the osho quotes.

    But the content wasn't at all like before. Seems like Freddie will have to move to another video hosting site.

  3. The haters are watching my every move and just shutting me down as soon as possible. I have come up with a new approach. I will update this blog with my new channel when it is created. The truth I have to share just simply cannot be handled by the YouTube audience.


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