Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How We Try to Be Good

"There are two ways to be good: being good, that is difficult; then there is another way to be good and that is relatively: prove that the other is wrong.  You need not be good, just prove that the other is wrong.  That gives you a feeling that you are good." - Osho

"Hence we go on proving that the other is a their, the other is the murderer, the other is the evil one.  And then you have proved that everyone is wrong, suddenly you have a feeling that you are good.  This is a relative phenomenon: no need to change yourself, just prove that the other is wrong.  And it is very easy; nothing is as easy as this.  You can magnify the badness in the other; you can magnify it and nobody can prevent you from doing it.  And before that magnified, projected badness, evil, you look simply innocent.  That's why is somebody says about someone, "He is a bad man," you never argue against it, never, you simply accept it.  Rather, on the contrary, you say, "I always knew that that was the case."  But if somebody says something good about someone you argue, you require proofs." - Osho

"Jesus might have said "if you don't want to be judged by others, don't judge yourself." I say that even if you do not judge others, others will still judge you.  But as a sage, a sage should not be proving that others are wrong, then he becomes just like all the others who judge that are wrong.  The sage should simply be, he should live, through his being, through his living, the wrong that is expressed around him will show itself, without the sage having to identify the wrong himself." - Li Shui Long

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