Sunday, October 5, 2014

When You Love You Can Be Angry

"When you love you can be angry.  When you love you can afford it.  If you love yourself - and that is a must in life, otherwise you will miss your life - you will never be repressive, you will be expressive of whatsoever life gives.  You will be expressing it - its joys, its sadness, its peaks, its lows, its days, its nights." - Osho

"But you have been brought up to be bogus, you have been brought up in such a way to become hypocrites.  When you feel angry, you go on smiling a painted smile.  When you are in a rage you repress the rage.  When you feel sexuality you repress that and you go on chanting your mantra.  You are never true to what is within you." - Osho

"I have developed myself to the point where I have become true to myself within, few people understand my expression because they are living false lives, they are not true.  Only the true can understand the true." - Sifu Freddie Lee

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