Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Martial Artist is...

I would like to thank Sifu Freddie Lee for sharing this message on a video on his old YouTube channel. It was on one of your earlier videos where you were displaying powerful unarmed combat techniques on a grappling dummy. It was a very cool video; one of my favourites in fact.

More importantly however, it was this message that really gave a clear definition of what and who a  Martial Artist really is. Whenever people ask me what a Martial Artist is, I simply show them this and most often their confusion disappears.

I think that as people who strive to be true Martial Artists, we should all read this at least once a week so that we always remind ourselves of the path. I also think it is worth memorising, because once this information is engraved in one's memory, I find that it becomes difficult to stray off the path and lose the way.

Remembering this statement makes life so much clearer. It lights up the path of a Martial Artist, and thus many uncertainties disappear. Freddie, by putting content like this out there, you are doing a great service to many people. Please do keep this sort of thing up. Thanks again mate!.


  1. I agree this is exactly what A martial artist is

  2. Thank you for reminding me of this, I will make a video right now to reiterate this expression. This I see to be Art, something that comes natural and spontaneously. I'm glad you were able to capture the moment. For the past few years I had not had the desire to write, beautiful writings that are captured can be very valuable. I will try my best to put more positive messages out there when possible.

    1. Your welcome Freddie. You truly helped me along my journey by sharing this message. It is my pleasure to return the favour and to assist others along their journeys in the Martial Arts.


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