Friday, October 10, 2014

The Great Wall of China

Hi all
Here is a great documentary that I recommend viewing if you have the time. It has a lot to teach regarding history in China. I personally find it very interesting. If you watch it, please do comment on what you have learnt from this fascinating documentary about Qi Jiguang and the longest structure in the world - The Great Wall of China.
"A two-hour drama documentary that illustrates a pivotal period in ancient Chinese history, which culminated in the creation of the Great Wall, a structure that symbolizes the strength and ambition of the Chinese nation and the relentless focus of the ruler and legendary general Qi Jiguang. Interweaving dramatisation and interviews with the world's foremost authorities on the Great Wall and the Ming Dynasty, the film unravels the epic story of the world's single greatest structure -- 3,000 miles of an impregnable fortress."  - Description on YouTube

I was unable to insert the video so here is a link that will take you there. ENJOY!...


  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen it before. There's so much I have to learn about the Chinese history and culture, it will take a lifetime, it's very fascinating to me.

  2. The chinese culture was always and IS always interesting to me, not just the shaolin and dit da jow stuff, I know more then that! I got interested in Feng Shui.. something to do with balancing the energies. I also like how the chinese have a meaning for the colors, like red is good luck and there is alot of red during chinese new year. I'll admit... Feng Shui does creep me out, back in my old house my bed was facing the door and I would sleep everyday like that, according to the Feng Shui... it isn't good, I also heard thats also how they carry dead people out the house door, feet first!

    Anyway... I couldn't watch the whole thing, my wireless/internet always stops working when watching something long online, I'm shure it could have been very interesting!

    P.S Danny Way the pro skateboard has actually ollied over the great wall of china!

  3. oh and... my new room isn't well oraganized either, my bed is facing a mirror and they say it brings bad luck. I am actually having goosebumps right now when posting this comment! Feng Shui is interesting though!

    1. Thanks for sharing what you know about Feng Shui. It gives me somthing to think about! :)


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