Sunday, October 5, 2014

Real Dancing and Real Martial Arts

"Two dancers are dancing.  One dancer is dancing only to perform, to feel the ego - that he i a great dancer.  It is a performance.  He is looking into people's eyes to see what they are thinking.  He is waiting for their applause,  He is hoping they are going to applaud him.  They will help his ego strengthen a little more.  And there is another dancer on the same stage, dancing because he enjoys it.  He is not performing.  He's not even bothering about whether people are applauding or not, whether people are there or not.  He is absorbed, utterly absorbed in his dance.  Will it be possible for you to make a distinction from the outside?  It will be very difficult.  More is the likelihood that you will not be able to make any distinction.  It is possible you may even think that the performer is a great dancer because he is speaking the same language of the ego which you understand.  The nonperformer may look a little crazy.  The nonperformer will be so spontaneous that unless you know the language of spontaneity you cannot understand him." - Osho

"The nonperformer that Osho is speaking about is exactly what it means to be a real Martial Artist.  This is what Bruce Lee brought up in his interview as well.  Bruce said that it is easy to go and put on a show to be cocky but to honestly be yourself and to express yourself honestly is not an easy thing to do.  That is what it means to be a true Artist.  You express yourself truthfully from within, not looking for outside approval or disapproval, you are simply just truly honest with your expression from the heart.  True Art is rare, that is what I promote, true Art, and true Martial Arts." - Sifu Freddie Lee

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