Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't Advise

"Don't advise anybody: all your advise is dangerous because you don't knw what you are doing.  Don't try to change anybody, not even your son, not even your brother.  Nobody is in need of your change because you are dangerous.  You can cripple, you can kill, you can maim, but you cannot help transformation." - Osho

"Unless you are transformed don't move into another's life.  When you are filled with light you can help.  Really, then there is no need to make any effort to help.  Help flows from you just as light flows from a lamp, or fragrance comes out of a flower, or the moon shines in the night: no effort on the part of the moon, it just flows naturally." - Osho

"There is wisdom in not helping others, but to allow others to help themselves while you help yourself.  Every great teacher does not teach, he guides himself towards the light and allows others to guide themselves.  Let people be the way that they are, no change is required." - Li Shui Long

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