Friday, October 31, 2014


A lot of people who practice Martial Arts wonder what does benching a lot of weight have to do with fighting?  They are overly focused on speed and technique.  Well to me, bench pressing a lot of weight for your size shows your ability to handle yourself properly when the opponent gets too close or if the opponent takes you to the ground, it shows that you are not a push over and that you can dominate them in the inside game and in the ground game if that’s where they want to take the fight to.  It is a quick demonstration to show:

“Even if you get your hands on me, I’ll still fuck you up.”  I can beat you from a distance with my weapons, I can beat you from a distance with my speed and technique in unarmed combat, and I can beat you in the inside game, and I can also beat you in the ground game.  No matter how you try to attack me, I’m going to beat you.  I am well rounded with my development, not only do I have speed and technique, but I also have strength and power. “

When I see someone that is weak in bench, I know for a fact that if I take that person down to the ground to fight, I will destroy them, all I got to do is find the right moment to attack.  Being weak in the bench is like being a Cheetah, fast as fuck but once he gets tired and the Lion gets a hold of him, he will get fucked up, he will die.  The Lion is representing the person who can bench press a lot of weight for his size. 

And just because you can bench press a lot of weight does not mean much if you are not strong pound for pound.  If you can bench press 300 lbs but you weigh 300 lbs, that doesn’t mean shit, that is nothing, that means you are still slow, because you cannot be fast pushing around 300 lbs.  But if you can bench press 300 lbs and you only weigh 150 lbs, not that person is dangerous.  That means he is fast and powerful, anybody who is fast and powerful is very dangerous.  If you get in a ground fight with this person, he will fuck you up.  I don’t even need to ground fight a person to know that they can ground fight.  All I have to know is, what can this person bench press according to his weight.  If he can bench press a lot of weight for his size, I know he will be a good ground fighter, so you need to plan your attack accordingly. 

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