Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Do Not Be a Do-Gooder

"Doctors can kill you before your time; do-gooders can kill you before you are due, and do-gooders are always dangerous.  But you are all do-gooders in your own ways, small or big.  Everybody wants to change the other because everybody thinks the other is wrong; everybody wants to change the world.  And this is the difference between a political mind and religious mind." - Osho

"A political mind always wants to change the world because he cannot think that he is wrong: the whole world is wrong.  A religious person looks from precisely the other end.  He thinks, "I am wrong, that is why the world is wrong, because I contribute to the evil in it.  Through me the world is wrong.  Unless I change myself, there can be no change." - Osho

"The world is the way it is, I have contributed my wrong to this world, I must refocus my energies and bring them back in towards my personal development.  I must bring myself back onto the path towards the Way, I have been set off track and distracted by outsiders.  We must not seek to change others, we must change ourselves and be the change that we want to see in others.  The Way can never be forced, when it is the right time, people will come upon their own realization and lead themselves." - Li Shui Long

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