Sunday, October 5, 2014

A True Disciple Must Trust

"People ask me why I don't talk to the masses.  I don't talk to them because I have something to share, and that can shared only in deep trust.  that can be shared only in deep love.  I can only talk with people who are in love with me.  Otherwise it is meaningless: they will not understand, they will misunderstand.  There is no way to make it understood.  It can be communicated only when you are ready to respond." - Osho

"When your hearts are ready, open, I can play on your hearts and a great music can be born.  But if you come closed, untrusting, doubting, then I cannot create that music.  It is impossible because you won't allow me to enter into your innermost core of being and play on your heart.  If you won't allow me, then the music will not be created." - Osho

"And then you want to know whether the music exists - and the only way to make you aware that it exists is to create it in you.  You say, Yes, I will trust if I can experience the music."  The problem is that you cannot experience the music unless you trust.  It has to be created, only then can you know that it is.  But before it can be known, trust is a basic requirement." - Osho

"There are many that misunderstand my expression but yet there are some that truly understand.  Those that understand have opened up their hearts, those that misunderstand are the ones who are closed.  Sharing to the masses has gotten me into a lot of trouble.  It has made my life very difficult.  Usually this honesty can only be accepted after your death.  Just as Bruce Lee's books were all published after his death.  And these books by Osho have been transcribed from his talks after his death.  It seems that the people are more willing to open up when the teacher is dead rather than alive." - Sifu Freddie Lee

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