Friday, October 17, 2014

Fighters Are Always Against Martial Artists

If Fighters were allowed, then they would not like Martial Artists on the earth at all.  They would kill them, they would toss them out of the boat - because the only danger for the Fighter is spiritual awareness.  The more people that become spiritually aware, the more fighting loses luster. 

The Fighter is after power and the Martial Artist is not after anything.  The Martial Artist wants to live herenow, and the Fighter is always preparing for some future, a future which never comes.  The Fighter is always after some utopia; chasing it, after some dream.  It never comes.  

Fighters are always against Martial Artists.  If they are not, that simply means Martial Artists are not Martial Artists.  Then Fighters are competing in the name of Martial Arts. TKD, MMA, Karate - all competing in the name of Martial Arts.  

A real Martial Artist wants to live herenow.  He is not worried about the future and he is not trying to bring any revolution into the world, because he knows there is only one life and there is only one revolution and there is only one radical transformation - and that is one's own being.  

He wants to love, he wants to live, he wants to pray, he wants to meditate.  He wants to be left alone, nobody should disturb.  He does not want to interfere in anybody's life and he does not want that anybody should be allowed to interfere in his life.

Nirvana the last nightmare pg 54 - Osho
"Politician has been replaced with "Fighter"
"Religious People" has been replaced with "Martial Artist" 
Edits by Li Shui Long


  1. Great way to express Osho's teachings in the context of the Martial Arts. :-)

  2. Yep. A fighter is never at meditation. He or she can never understand because his mind is too competitive.


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