Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't Change Others, Live the Change You Wish to See

"You go on looking on the other as darkness.  This may give you an illusory feeling that you are light, but it cannot give you light.  And if you try to make the other enlightened because you think he is in darkness, that is going to make things worse; it is adding insult to injury.  In the first place darkness is projected by you, and in the second place you are not light yourself so you cannot enlighten the other." - Osho

"So people who try to transform society are the mischief-makers; people who try to change the outer are always dangerous. They are murderers in a very subtle way, but their murder is so subtle that you cannot catch it.  They don't kill you directly, but they cripple you, they cut you; and "for your own good," so you cannot say anything against them.  Your so-called saints are just trying to destroy the darkness which is not in you or may not be in you, but which they see to be there.  They see a hell in you because that is the only way they can see and feel themselves as heavenly." - Osho

"We must not aim to change others, we simply need to live the change that we wish to see.  The Way cannot be forced, it simply must be realized within, and then lived.  The Way cannot be organized and structured, it is a state of being." - Li Shui Long

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