Monday, October 6, 2014

The Followers Corrupt The Way of the Master

"You ask: "How did Tantra grow out of Buddhism, which as far as I know views sex as a hindrance o meditation?"  Precisely because of that.  It is a rebellion against Buddhism, and it is for Buddha.  It goes against the followers, but not against the master.  The followers were carrying the letter, and Saraha brings back the spirit.  Saraha is a reincarnation of the same enlightenedness as Buddha was.  Saraha is a buddha." - Osho

"Throughout the ages, followers have corrupted the teachings of great Masters.  We need to learn directly from the Master, not from his followers.  The followers corrupt the teachings of the Master.  No organized religion has ever been able to express the true Way.  No Martial Art style has ever been able to express the true Way.  The true Way is expressed only by the Master.  Only the Master knows, and you must become the Master yourself, you must not remain a follower." - Li Shui Long

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