Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Version of a Real Physical Game

I said physical game because basketball, volleyball, soccer and football use the body to play. There is a mental aspect to them but the mental is very slim. I have been thinking about this since yesterday and I want to share it with the blog. How should a real sport look like? Well the players can wear their jerseys and play their assigned position or whatever. However, there are couple of things that I would delete from the game: commentators, 'supporters', beer, hotdogs, Coca cola, Pepsi & & 7up..whatever type of soft drink. If there are people who are watching the game they should stay silent. Their mouth should completely zipped throughout the whole event!! We do not have time for people who needs to boost somebody's ego in the game so the player could feel better or worse about himself. You are watching them play and that's it. You are not here to judge how he plays. So keep your ass shut! The only noises you should hear are the noise of the ball and the athlete's feet stomping on the floor. Let's say we are playing soccer for example. I am choosing it because it is one of my favorite game to play. If somebody score a goal, everybody will go back to their position without saying anything or give anyone a hi-5. High-5 is enhancing a teammate's ego; we do not want that. Get it out of your mind. Also the team who got scored against will return to the kick-off without any yells or signs of anger or disappointment. The spectators would not clap or boo or do anything but to just watch. Also there would be no referee because the players would be their own referee. They know the rules already and they will respect them without any questions. No rules would be disputed. When the game is over, every player will bow to each other as a sign of respect. If someone ask a player: "Which team won?" The player will respond: "There is no winner or looser in this game. Only the game itself is the winner." My ideas can be applied to any type of sport no matter if it is football, basketball, rugby, name it. That is going to be too much to ask to the professional athletes, isn't it? Of course, they thrive off of winning against somebody, how could they understand what I am saying. The reason I see a real sport to be this way is because of the real Martial Arts. The Real Martial Arts are not for competition but for meditation. The people who are into sports can only understand me if they look into meditation. Otherwise, they will argue with me saying that my ideas are unrealistic and stupid. A Buddha will be misunderstood after all, especially with this unenlightened humanity.


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