Thursday, October 9, 2014


I used to do the dead lift until i noticed my lower back would hurt a lot. I'm glad to say i was never injured during those exercises. When performed the dead lift i made sure my back was straight as possible and i still had pain. For me the dead lift isn't worth the risk of hurting yourself over. I agree on Freddie's view on the dangers of dead lift their are other exercises you can do that target the same muscles as the dead lift and much safer.


  1. That exercise could have literally ended my Mystical Kung Fu Martial Arts expression

  2. Todai iceybeer.....good to know you have not been severely injured. the real question about the pain has their been a medical diagnosis or prognosis?
    As soon as you reply, I'll proceed with suggestions.

    greetings to all Todai and Sifu Freddy Lee!


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