Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Real Master is An Enemy

A Real Master is An Enemy

“A real master will always look like an enemy, and this is the criterion.  A false master will always help you to dream; he will never disturb your dreaming.  Rather, on the contrary, he will give you consolations, tranquilizers.  He will console you, soothe you.  His teaching will be just like a beautiful lullaby.  He will sing around you so you can sleep well, that’s all.” 

“But a real master is dangerous.  To move near him is full of danger.  You are moving at your own risk, because he cannot allow you to dream and he cannot help your dreaming, because then the whole purpose is lost.”  - Osho “hsin hsin ming” pg. 143

Combat sport coaches are false masters.  They help you dream, he will try to make you believe that guns and weapons do not exist.  They will try to make you believe that a real fight is a fair fight.  They will try to make you believe that a person that is trying to hurt you will follow rules.  They will try to make you believe that there is such a thing as weight classes, gender separation, and rules of engagement.  They will try to make you believe that you are special if you learn how to punch, kick, and perform grappling techniques “properly.”  Everything that they teach is a lie, it is a way to keep you asleep, to keep you dreaming. 

A false master will help you to dream, he will hide the reality from you and keep you sleeping.  Once you are asleep and dreaming you will approach the Martial training from a destructive perspective, you will be focused on becoming a Fighter.  You will aim to become recognized for your fighting ability, you will aim to gain riches from being great at fighting, you will aim to achieve fame through your fighting ability.  You will sacrifice anything for this fame, money, and status, you will even sacrifice your own health, and you will be willing to destroy anybody that gets in your way.  This becomes the opposite of the true way in the Martial Arts.  

A real master will not allow you to dream.  He will shatter all your dreams immediately.  He will show you right before your eyes how deadly firearms can be and how your life can end in a split second from a pull of a trigger.  He will give you first hand experience with simulated combat scenarios involving the use of firearms to get you to see for yourself how deadly real fighting can be on the streets.  He will not help to enhance your ego, he will assist in destroying your ego in which to get you to see and realize that you are nobody special because you know proper form in combative techniques or even if you own a firearm yourself. 

A real master destroys your dreams; he will get you to see the reality for what it is.  Once you come upon this realization, you will approach the Martial training from a different perspective, now that your dreams are shattered, if you continue on with your Martial training, you will be focused on developing as an Artist, you will aim to head towards the peaceful and creative path. 

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