Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines Day – 2/14/15

Today was our 10-year anniversary.  What did I get for my wife on Valentines Day?  I got her the best thing you possibly can give, a hug!  The best thing you can give to any loved one is love and affection.  There is nothing that you can ever buy for anyone that is as meaningful as love and affection.  The society does not want you to know this truth because they cannot profit off of it.  How can the IRS tax you for a hug that is given and received?  They don’t want you to share love and affection because businesses will suffer.  They want you to buy a bunch of nonsense that is all meaningless.  They want relationships to all fail by marriage and divorce, this way the judges, lawyers, police officers, psychologists, doctors, IRS, etc., will all get paid!  The society has turned man and woman against one another.  When you see what is going on, you can stop this from happening, don’t allow the society to destroy the love you have together. 


  1. You are right. In this day, couples can get in conflict because the boyfriends did not go shopping with her, go to a restaurant and all that crap. How did I spend my Valentine's? I spent it at home. I ain't buying chocolate for nobody!


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