Saturday, February 14, 2015

Real Street Violence

Real Street Violence

This video shows the reality of violence on the streets, in this video, there are no firearms, but with firearms, it is even more deadly.  Violence is never good; it is something that should not be glamorized.  In this video you see women being severely beaten by men.  You see men getting beaten by multiple attackers.  You see weapons being used.  You see people being spontaneously attacked.  You see people being beaten on the ground while they have gone unconscious.  In all cases the police will never be there to help you.  In all cases, there will never be a referee there to stop the fight.  In call cases, there is no respect for ridiculous rules that you find in combat sport.  In all cases, there is no mercy. 

A woman should never assume that a man will not beat her to death or rape her.  A man should never assume that a larger man will never violently attack a smaller man out of respect for “weight classes.”  A man should never assume that a fight on the streets will be a one on one fight.  A man should never assume that another man will never use a weapon to put him in great bodily harm.  A man should never assume that there are not violent people out there that are willing to hurt you for no reason at all.  A man should never assume that a fight on the streets is going to be the same kind of fights that you find in entertainment media.

Real violence is serious business.  Imagine walking with your girlfriend or wife, while 4 men approach you, beat you to near death while keeping you alive just enough to have you witness them raping your girlfriend or wife and then killing her in front of your eyes.  Imagine walking with your child and then being approached by 4 men who beat you and your child to near death.  In these types of street situations, what would you do?  Calling the police is not the right answer, by the time you reach for your phone; you will already be knocked down, by the time the police show up, you will already be dead. 

You need to be prepared for any situation on the streets, many times that may mean that you will have to carry a weapon with you to increase your chances of survival in these deadly situations.  To increase your chances of survival you will also have to train day in and day out.  You will need to be in top physical shape, you will need to train in self-defense with and without weapons to keep you ready and prepared for anything that could happen.  You will need to train your spirit to maintain your inner peace and composure to decrease this sort of negative energy from being attracted to you.  Real Martial Arts training helps prepare you to survive these sort of deadly encounters. 

Just buying a gun is not good enough; you need to learn how to use the gun properly and safely.  You need to learn when to use it and when not to.  You need to learn the law and keep yourself away from trouble with the law when you carry the firearm with you.  You need to be attentive and aware at all times while you are armed.  You need to master your emotions so that you will never kill others or yourself out of anger or depression.  You will need to be very responsible so that others or yourself are not harmed by your negligence.  Carrying a firearm for your safety requires an immense amount of responsibility and training.  

A firearm allows you to handle very deadly encounters, unarmed training allows you to handle threatening situations that are serious but not life threatening.  When you are properly trained, you will handle each situation accordingly.  Very serious encounters you will draw the firearm, not so serious, you will handle with your unarmed techniques of combat.  If the attacker breaks the rules and fights unfairly, then you will also break the rules and fight unfairly.  As a Martial Artist, you will always put yourself in a situation where you will be one up on the opponent. 

If one person attacks you, you handle the situation with your bare hands.  If multiple people attack you, you will draw your weapon.  If you need to run to survive, you will run to survive.  If an armed person asks for your wallet, you will give your wallet.  If you witness a woman being raped, you will tactically handle the situation.  Carrying weapons as a way of self-defense greatly enhances your opportunities of survival.  Being in the best shape of your life will greatly enhance your opportunities of survival.  Having a strong spirit will ensure that you will make the best decisions in your life that will attract positivity your way. 

If you decide to stop drinking alcohol, how can you ever get in a bar fight if you are never in the bar?  If you surround yourself with positive people, positive things are more likely to happen around you.  If you surround yourself with criminals, be ready for danger.  If you have many friends that love to drink alcohol, don’t be surprised if one day there is serious car accident due to a DUI.  If you go to the clubs late at night every weekend, don’t be surprised if a fight breaks out.  If you surround yourself with people who never exercise, don’t be surprised to see a lot of your friends dying from heart attacks. 

If you sleep around with a lot of women, don’t be surprised if you catch an STD.  Having a strong spirit means you will make your own decisions in your life.  You will not just follow the masses around you; you will follow your own path.  You will follow the path towards ultimate health body, mind, and spirit.  When you follow the true path, there will be a much less likely chance of violence coming your way.  But this will not shield all violence away from you; it will greatly decrease violence and negativity being a part of your life. 

But as you keep training hard every day to prepare against real violence, it will give you a much greater chance of survival.  Just like eating healthy every day will not guarantee a longer life but it will greatly increase the chances of you living longer.  Training to be fit, training to defend yourself with and without weapons, and training for a strong spirit is very important.  That is what real Martial Arts is all about. 


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