Thursday, February 26, 2015

Safe Sparring With Love

Safe Sparring With Love

“So the first thing regarding love is for your life energy not to become destructive.  Destruction is sin when it occurs for its own sake.  There is another kind of destruction: a man tears down a house in order to build a new one.  This is not destroying but a part of constructing.  When you break for the sake of breaking, it becomes a sin.”

“If you have a small child whom you love very much, you sometimes give him a whack or two – because of your love you have beaten him for his good, to improve him.  You hit him because you care.  If you did not care for him you would not have bothered what he did and what he didn’t do; you would have been indifferent.  But you love him enough not to allow him to go on doing what he pleases.  You will stop him from going near fire; you will even hit him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  You want to make something of him.” 

“When you hit an opponent, it is the same hand; the slap is the same, the energy is the same.  When the feeling within you is that of enmity, when you are hitting to destroy and not to create, it becomes a sin!  An act in itself is not a sin.  If the feeling within you is positive and creative, no act is a sin; if the feeling within is destructive, the same act becomes a sin.”  - Osho “The True Name” pg. 212

Real Martial Artists spar out of love, they do not fight out of anger.  They spar with one another as brothers to help one another improve and progress.  Like a father who spars with a son, neither is fighting out of anger or hate, the father is there to help the son improve. 

The Sifu breaks down the disciple in order to help rebuild the disciple, through time and experience the disciple will obtain experience and skill.  With this experience and skill comes confidence.  If the disciple becomes arrogant, the Sifu once again will need to break down the disciple to regain his humbleness.  The Sifu is constantly monitoring the disciple to ensure he is on the proper path.  Out of love, the Sifu whacks the disciple for his own good.  The disciple gains experience, skill, and humbleness from the experience. 

The Sifu will stop the disciple into going into combat sport or becoming a street bully; he will even beat him if he does not listen.  This hitting is not sinful, but creative.  The Sifu wants to make something of him.  Fighting out of anger and hatred is sin.  Fighting out of love is positive and creative. – Sifu Freddie Lee


  1. Great post! Martial Artists do everything out of love in my opinion, not hate. Because he is a artist, he/she wishes to create, almost never to destroy.

  2. Wow...that really speaks to me. My father whoops me really hard because I left home to go to a friend's house without him knowing. He beats me because he cares, not out of hate.


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