Thursday, February 19, 2015

True Disciple

True Disciple – 2/19/15

“Bodhidharma, the Buddhist master, went to China.  He sat facing a wall and said, “I will only turn my face when the true disciple comes.  Why should I talk to anyone else?  It is as useless as talking to the walls!” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 100

“As long as there is an I am or I am the judge, you cannot be the disciple; you cannot hear the Sifu’s words.”  Osho “The True Name” pg. 101 “Guru” has been replaced with “Sifu.”

Only true disciples can learn from a Sifu.  A special connection must be established, a surrendering must occur.  This is not the average customer/merchant relationship where the customer is always right.  The Sifu is not a merchant here to be evaluated by the customer.  It is like the difference between prostitution and love.  Prostitution is not love and love is not prostitution.  Love is a special relationship, a special connection; this is like the relationship between Sifu and disciple.  Prostitution is like what we know as the commercialized Martial Art industry, where the teachings of the Martial Arts has been corrupted and exploited for profit.  


  1. You are not going to turn your back on me, right Sifu? :-). Great post by the way.

    1. If you roll around the ground doing that nasty stuff, I will :-) lol

    2. LOl. Nah I will never do that stuff.


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