Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Dangers of Leadership

The Dangers of Leadership

When there are thousands of people watching you, you have to be careful in what you do, one wrong slip and you can injure yourself or be the individual who has influenced somebody else to cause great injury upon themselves.  You might think it is great to run in the snow, you see no harm in it, you feel you can handle it just fine, but somebody else, out of your influence can do the same and end up having a tragic accident.  That individual may slip and fall and next thing you know, he dies in the hospital from a serious head injury. 

You might think it is ok to disobey the law, as you have the skill to not be caught when doing it but somebody else who follows in your footsteps may not be so lucky, next thing you know he gets arrested and put into jail from following your lead.  It could even be as simple as recommending a type of food for people to eat, it may be good for you, but for somebody else, they may have an allergic reaction, and then next thing you know they get hospitalized. 

For you, exercising may be a way of life, you have been doing it every single day for decades, but for somebody else, it can put them in great risk of injury because they have yet to understand the limitations of their own body. 

Being a leader can be a benefit for some followers but it can be a detriment when a leader is leading more than he can handle.  A single person leading thousands of people is something hardly anyone can handle.  Every human being is unique and different, if you do not know who you are teaching, your leadership can steer individuals towards a negative path.   Responsible leadership is very important, without responsibility, individuals should not take positions of leadership.   

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