Monday, February 23, 2015

My weekend; A tale of sadness & joy

My weekend; A tale of sadness & joy

It all began this Saturday, me and my family gathered up with friends and other members of my uncle's family to pay him respect and send him our final goodbyes. It was sad, seeing my aunt and the son's of my uncle and his daughter mourn their father (he's my uncle by marriage). It was sad for all of us, but for them, it was obviously worst. But we went through it all toguether. More than one hundred people came by, we have a big family and he knew a lot of people. As the priest was speaking i quickly looked around and seeing all those people, it was obvious that a part of him survived through all of us, his name was 'Jacques (Coco) Bergeron', may he rest in peace!

Then arrived Sunday, a different kind of energy flew through me and my other family side because a surprise party was prepared for a new comer. My cousin and his girlfriend Jessica are waiting for their first child, the first 'Caissy' of this new generation, he will arrive this March. My cousin was part of the surprise, it was especially a surprise for his girlfriend. We were around 60 to 70 people, the energy was joyfull, we all brought gifts for this new little boy (Justin) and their parents.

This weekend was very significative, as we mourned a loved one, we welcomed another. This is the meaning of life, one leaves, one arrives, sadness & joy, Yin Yang. The fact that these two very different celebration happened one after the other was special, as different as they were, they completed each other very well.


  1. This is a beautiful and very meaningful post. I think the way that you view these situations is really great. I'm sorry for your loss and you have my congratulations for your gain.


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