Monday, February 2, 2015

Why Children Should Fight

Why Children Should Fight

I see that children should fight.  As a child, fighting should not be repressed.  Children need to get it out of their system early.  When they are young, they are yet to become dangerous.  They are yet to become harmful towards themselves or others.  They do not yet have the strength or precision in technique in order to cause great damage to another.  It is natural for them to play fight even though they may really be upset and want to hurt but their bodies are incapable of hurting. 

It is like trying to kill your opponent in a pillow fight, as long as you are not trying to suffocate the opponent, there will be no serious injuries, it is all for play.  If children fight when they are young, they are more likely to get it out of their system so that they will not have the urge to fight when they are older.  As children become adults, fighting gets more and more dangerous.  As the child becomes stronger and begins to have proper martial technique that is expressed efficiently, he becomes dangerous.  Now it is no longer a pillow fight, it is like throwing rocks at one another out of anger.  Now there can be some serious injuries. 

Now fighting is no longer just an anger release that is harmless, it becomes a dangerous experience that can lead towards great bodily injury.  Once the child is a fully grown adult out of high school and college, the real survival fighting for your life begins, now it surely is no longer a game, now weapons can be involved, now guns can be involved, now death is of great potential.  You never want to fight as an adult; you do not know what will happen on the streets.  It’s ok for adults to play fight by sparring, but it is never a good thing for adults to fight for real on the streets. 


  1. Nice post! I used to like fighting a lot as a kid, tho most of the time we were just playing, i liked it a lot, it was natural. As i grew older, my need to fight got smaller, sometimes i get angry for nothing, my mind play tricks on me, but i fight my thoughts because these primal thoughts are not who i want to be. Behind these thoughts are a calm and a peaceful man. As a kid, it was more spontaneous, now the fight is more introverted. I'm am mostly an extraverted man but a part of me remain hidden. Tho most people around me think they know all about me because i tend to be an open book, truth is a part of myself is a secret that i keep firmly. Writing about it is a step, because having secret is not something important for me but some i hold as a protection. A protection for myself and for others.

    I guess people who are in prison serving long sentences or others who are in the psychiatric aisle for long term kinda lost that inner fight. These evil thoughts took control and won. I don't want that to happen, ever. So i focus on finding balance. These evil thoughts are anoying, you tryna find peace, you tryna be happy and they just surprise you, for me it is a huge weeknesses.

    A man in balance don't have this problem, balance means no inner fight. This equilibrium exist, it is possible, it is a reality. These evil thoughts are maybe just a release, my thoughts are maybe just a release of all the crap i consume. Junk food, Violent video games, violent movies, violent music, sometimes violent contextual books, violent videos on the internet. Truth is i'm addicted to this shit. I like to consume peaceful stuff but if i don't consume my junk, something is missing. It is like a comfort for the void that consumes me, that loneliness.

    The music i make tho is peaceful. 99% of it is peaceful. It is an indication that at my core, i am peaceful human being. My father like to recal me that before my family got split into two families, i was a very calm baby. After i became very turbulent, tho i had a tendancy to regain that calmness, as time would go by, i was turbulent again.

    FMK is a good influence for me, it connects me with great people and teaches me stuff, makes me remember what's real, what's important in life. It is a great support.

  2. That was a very good post. I sense where you are coming from. Why people watch competition fighting so much and cheer for it? My guess is that they have suppress their violent behavior for such a long time that it gets out in a negative way. They had no opportunity to fight when they were children; therefore, they rely on professional fighters to do the job for them. However, the fighters in the ring fight because he just wants to fight. They all have a reason to be where they are however, they have yet to learn how to direct their violence.


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