Saturday, February 14, 2015

No Wisdom in Universities

No Wisdom in Universities

“All that we learn in this world serves as a means of getting the better of one another.  It is a plan for your conflicts in life.  You will be able to fight better and win out if you have more degrees.  The universities are a reflection of your aggression; armed with its weapons you can compete and exploit others more efficiently.  You can harass them more systematically, and commit crimes lawfully.  With the right rules and methods you can do effectively all that you otherwise could not do, and which you should not do.  Education teaches dishonesty and deceit.  As a result you may win out over others, but you will never be wise.  Rather, people are becoming more and more unwise, ignorant.  Our universities are not centers of learning, because no wisdom is contained there.”  - Osho “The True Name” pg. 75

A real education does not happen inside a University.  My real learning has all happened outside of the University. My real education is from life


  1. Yeah, i agree, I think college is not the way to achieve knowledge, there's too much competition and ego involved with college.


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