Saturday, February 14, 2015

Training Does Not End

Training Does Not End

“Pains and difficulties there are and will continue to be; because any attainment without trouble is almost useless.  Without traveling you can never reach your destination; you are bound to wander.  You will only appreciate and care for that which you acquire with difficulty.  Besides, if you are out to attain the ultimate truth you will have to make some sacrifice!” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 85

Do not expect for this path that I have developed to be easy.  If you did not choose this path, there would be little to no expectations.  Just simply enjoy your training and be happy.  But this path for key members is a path where you will be pushed, it will be difficult, it will be so difficult to the point that there will be no destination, the only destination is death, you will be training hard and representing till death.  The training does not end, like breathing, everywhere you go, you breathe.  Only when you stop breathing will you stop training.  Everyday is training, your life is training, every thing you do is training.  This is the way of the Martial Arts.   


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