Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Real Seeker

A Real Seeker

The difference between a genuine seeker and a false seeker is that the legitimate seeker follows truth wherever it might take him - whatever be the outcome – even if everything is lost, even if life is lost.  He is ready to lose it all.  The inauthentic seeker bends truth to follow him; but then it is no longer truth, it is falsity.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 141

I accept reality for what it is, I do not deny reality, even if it makes my dreams come crashing down, it is better to know that it was all just a dream than to purposefully lie to myself and others to believe in something that does not exist.  I refuse to sell dreams, I refuse to lie and deceive people, I would rather be honest with people, be real with people, even if it means that they will hate me for waking them up from their beautiful dreams. The way that I am, I am bound to be unaccepted by the masses because I refuse to sell the dream.


  1. Lying is not in anybody's nature. However, people do not like nature so they will try their best to interfere with it. That is why I stay away from the crowd.


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