Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Flexibility Progress

These are screenshots of my youtube videos.


  1. Your side kick is looking very nice and clean man! Keep working on those middle splits, your nearly there! Remember to take it slowly though. I know that at this stage it's natural to get excited. But it's important to take it as slowly as you always have, which should minimise injuries. Congratulations for making it to this point Lxeon!

    I've been subscribed to your channel for a while now a and I have always enjoyed your videos. I'm so sorry that you won't be able to attend the Hapkido class at your university. It's a real shame. Every school is different. By that I mean if one goes to 20 Goju-Ryu Karate schools for example, the individual would have received 20 different experiences. Based on the systems that you've said are available however, I'd recommend ITF Taekwondo. I generally have more respect for the International Taekwondo Federation then the World Taekwondo Federation. Generally, the WTF has become far too sport based. I feel it has missing the meaning of art. It now seems to base its merits on money, politics and rejoices in competition. ITF in the other hand is far more traditional. It is what the WTF used to be like; before the Olympics, before the dark times. Please do keep in mind that I am generalising. I do know someone who did ITF for a while and really liked it, so I think it could be an alright alternative to Hapkido. I hope whatever you decide works out for you man.

    Oh I'm doing year 12 (Last year of high school) this year. Since you did it last year, I was wondering if you may have any advice that I could take on?

    1. Yes ITF is another option but I gotta check my timetable first to see if I have any lecture.Thanks for your awareness of myself not being able to practice hapkido.

      With my high school, in our country we leave at year 13 (that's our last year). Last year I slcked off, but still managed to get into university. I'm not a good example at all, so I can't really give valid aadvices. What I will say that may hep is focus and study hard. If you're in a certain circumstances where you have to give up certain things that you enjoyed doing (like training) do so (because you will and can always go back). I didn't really do that, i did the opposite Lol. I always trained because I'm addicted. When I say I'm going to study I don't.

      But this year I will change and I will do what I just recommended to you. But if you're very smart or naturally clever then do whatever you want as long as you do excellent at school.

      There is a personal development course that I took that helped me with my study, and that is "photoreading personal reading course". That basically is reading 25000 words/ minutes. In that course you also learn other useful things as well that may help you with your study, like how to study, set goals, take notes, etc. But I can't fully guarantee it that it will work for u, but it does work for me. That's my truth and no one else. There are skeptics out there that tried to claim that it doesn't work. It's all about the mind of an individual, meaning it only work for people that allow it to worked for them. I'm not saying you should try it, but i'm just putting it out there. Tht's my secret.......

      If you are considering about it, then make sure you are intuitive. (you can train yurself to be more intuitive)

      Here's a link if you're are interested:

      I can teach you for free, or sent you it, if I can figure out how to. But I was told that I shouldn't really replace this with my original study method, but I did it anyway. what I should of done is used this system in additon to my original study method.

      Also that was why i didn't really focus much at school, becuase I was busy and more focused on learning this photoreading whole mind system (that's what it's called by the way)

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  2. Side kick is looking awesome!

    I hate when studies get in the way of martial arts training.


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