Sunday, February 15, 2015

Misguided Seeker

Misguided Seeker

The posts you have personally shared on this Blog have been a great contribution.  Coming from your perspective, I was able to connect with your postings.  But this one, just passing along information from another, I do not see or feel that connection.  I visited the persons website and I did not receive the right energy.  This person is sharing half truths, and Osho would say that a half truth is more dangerous than a complete lie.  This person sees part of the picture, but he does not see the whole picture, he does not have a complete understanding, what he has to share can be more dangerous for the seeker than if the seeker knew nothing of this persons teachings. 

This person is formulating a very strong ego within the seeker that is hidden and masked.  This inevitably will build to become very dangerous.  Enlightenment is never about "getting the word out."  It does not happen that way, it only happens from within.  Masses of people can never be enlightened by just reading a book.  This person keeps saying, you are already on the path, you are already "saved" if you are reading this.  This is such an ego fulfillment for himself and giving the same ego fulfillment to the seeker to make the seeker feel "special" because they have found this "special" information.

Every person who posts on this Blog, I am evaluating their posts, to see their path in spirituality, as you post, I am developing a closer relationship with each person to see where they are spiritually, to see if we connect.  But when you say that another person knows because you think he knows, it does not mean he knows.  This person does not know.  There is a very strong ego energy that I feel that is masked and hidden and what he has to share will inevitably develop the same within you.  As you keep reading what he has to share, you will start to feel more and more that you are somehow “special” because you have this “special” information to share.  Truth cannot be readily made and passed on over to the next person.  I do not recommend people to listen to this person, he is misguided, he is not a sage.  I recommend people to study Osho, Lao tzu, and Buddha.  They are true sages. 

Now if this person had other skill sets worth learning from.  Say he is able to play basketball like how Michael Jordan was able to play, ok then you can learn that skill from him, but just because Michael Jordan was good in basketball doesn’t make him a sage.  The skill or talent you should be able to see without him even saying a word. 

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