Thursday, February 12, 2015

Muay Thai can Go To Hell

You know I still cannot believe that people are still glorifying them. First of, they practice on trees and mostly breaking the trees. Instead of noticing how such a criminal Muay Thai fighters are to nature, they praised them. Second of all, they will hurt themselves in a long run because when you keep on training like that over and over, you will end up with arthritis.I  Yes, some people are born with that but Muay Thai fighters are just working toward having arthritis. The fact that you have to break an element of nature, a tree that can feed you and nurture...If you end up breaking the tree, you have nothing for me to learn from you. Third of all, they put Muay Thai fighters in the same category. "Oh these guys are the most powerful in the world. They are the greatest. I want to learn that." That's a bunch of nonsense. Have you guys forgot about the Shaolin Monks? If Muay Thai fighters are the most powerful in the world, what are you calling the monks? What they are practicing is not even the original anyway. Muay Boran is the martial art. Muay Thai is a dumb down version of it. I want to ask these people another question. Do you seriously believe that if you learn Muay Thai you will be powerful? Is breaking the trees with your feet means so much to you? Why would want to break something that could be benefit your health? Why is that power to you? Can somebody please tell me if that is what power really means? If that's what it is then I might as well not want power at all. What these people do not understand is that you can learn the techniques of the instructor but you cannot learn the power. Just because he kicks that way does not mean it will be the same for you. Martial Art is an individual experience. You cannot look into style to realize your true potential. Otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life not being fully human. I do not care how many trees you break, how many people you fight in the ring. This is not what I am looking for in choosing a real Martial Art teacher. I am interested of who he is. I want a Martial Art teacher who can help me express myself. That is what matters to me. Not breaking things or people!

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