Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Martial Artist is Limitless

A Martial Artist is Limitless

“Whatsoever is spoken about God can only be negative.  At most we can say, “He is not this.  He is not that.”  As soon as you say, “He is this,” you confine him within a boundary; because only that which bears on outline, a boundary, can be pointed out.  The limitless cannot be pointed out.  Therefore Nanak says: you can say nothing about God, therefore it is best to keep silent about him.” – Osho “The True Name” pg. 170.

You cannot say that a Martial Artist is this or that, saying so implies the limit, but you can say that he is not this and he is not that.  You cannot point out something that is limitless.  Martial Arts is limitless, that is why it is so difficult to put into words.  As soon as you choose any labels, you already imply limitations and that is not the way. – Sifu Freddie Lee


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