Thursday, February 19, 2015

A True Student

A True Student – Osho “The True Name” Pg. 98. 
The word “Guru” has been replaced with “Sifu.”
The word “Sikh” has been replaced with “Student.”
The word “turban” has been replace with “FMK Uniform.”

“It is very difficult to listen to even one teaching of the Sifu since you cannot hear anything with your present being.  It requires a complete transformation of your life.  For the Sifu’s teachings you have to be eager and look up towards him, you have to learn the art of being quiet and serene in his presence.  You must learn to leave your head behind at home, because if you bring it along with you, you will not be able to hear.  Even if the Sifu teaches, your head will draw different meanings.  You will be told one thing, you will hear another.  Having come empty-handed, you will leave empty-handed.”

“The Sifu’s teachings cannot be learned through the head, but heard through the heart.  He has to be listened to with total faith.  When the Sifu teaches, if you are thinking he is right or he is wrong, you are still sitting in the classroom and not yet in a gathering of seekers.”

“Coming to the Sifu means: I am tired of judging right and wrong.  Now I can judge no more.  It means: I am tired of thinking, I can think no more.  It means: I am sick and tired of myself and I want to give myself up.  In short, this is what is called faith.”

“You come to the Sifu only when you are completely tired of yourself.  If you still think yourself to be very intelligent, there is no point in coming to the Sifu because you are still your own Sifu.  You still need to wander a bit more, bear more hardships, incur more pain through doubts and indecisions.  It is no use coming when you are still raw.  More pain and suffering are needed to ripen you.  The day that you are completely fed up with yourself, then go to the Sifu.”

“People often go to the Sifu when they are not yet ready; they still believe in their own selves.  Thus whatever the Sifu says they sit and weigh his words, judging the right and wrong.  What suits them they will believe; what does not they will not believe.  In that case, you are obeying your own self and not the Sifu.” 

“You cannot look upon this as faith, or call it surrender because you have changed nothing.  There is only one secret in going to the Sifu: leave your self behind and go.  Then whatever the Sifu says is right; there is nothing for you to decide.  Only when can you hear his teachings; with the entire heart – then only can you learn.  He who has heard the Sifu’s teachings becomes a student. 

“He who is ready to learn is a student.  He who is ready to listen to the teachings is a student.  But he who is still full of ego and not prepared to listen is not a student.  To put on the FMK uniform and adopt all the outward signs of a student does not make you a student, because to become a student is an emotional happening.”

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