Thursday, April 2, 2015



“If people remain normal then they cannot gather courage enough to change the structure of the society, to change the future of man.  Normal people do normal things.  Revolutionary action is not a normal thing.  The very idea to change humanity completely, to change the human world so deeply that it becomes disconnected with the past is not within the hands of normal people.  It needs geniuses, and all geniuses are abnormal.”

“The word ‘abnormal’ can be used for both: those who have fallen below the mind and those who have gone above the mind.  Both have become abnormal.  That’s why there is sometimes a similarity between a madman and a mystic, some kind of similarity.  You may not be able to figure out what is similar but there is some kind of similarity, and the similarity is that both are out of the mind.  One has fallen below the mind and one has gone above the mind.  Both are no longer living in the mind – that is the similarity.  But it is such an invisible phenomenon that to figure it out is difficult.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 193-194

Those who are headed towards enlightenment will never be “normal.”  Automatically they will be considered abnormal, but they may pretend as if they are normal in order to not be destroyed by society.  Sages are abnormal people.  Socrates was an abnormal man, that is why he had to be killed.  Jesus was abnormal, that is why he was crucified.  Albert Einstein was abnormal, that is why his brain was preserved after death to be analyzed. 

The athletes that you see in the Olympics are abnormal.  Xmen mutants are abnormal.  There can be beauty in abnormality.  But yes abnormality can also be very ugly, destructive, and violent.  Hitler was abnormal.  Serial killers are abnormal.  Those who have engaged in mass shootings are abnormal.  A lot of people in prison are abnormal.  Being abnormal can be positive or it can be considered negative. 

Being normal is like being one of the millions of sheep.  Being abnormal is like being one of the few lions.  The grade of C in class is considered normal and average.  Abnormal can be an F or abnormal can be considered an A.  We should always aim to go beyond those who are normal, never below. 

When you are abnormal, you will never be a part of the masses; you will always be a part of a smaller group of individuals. Never believe that being abnormal is always negative.  There can be great beauty in being abnormal.  When someone who is abnormal has gone beyond somebody else who is considered normal, the person whom is normal may be jealous and wish to destroy this other person who has become abnormal.

Those who are beautiful are abnormal; beauty is not normal, if it was it would not be valued.  Those who are super fit are abnormal, and those whom are obese are abnormal.  Never should you despise being abnormal if you have gone beyond those whom are normal. 


  1. This post is refreshing. Post like that are vitamins for the spirit, two thumbs up for peaceful abnormality!

  2. This is a very thought provoking post. Due to my passed life experiences (mainly from school) I really relate to what you're saying.


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