Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ordinary Love

Ordinary Love

“Ordinary love is a sort of sleep: you become attached to the object of love, you start feeling jealous, you become possessive.  Your possessiveness and your jealousy really poison the whole of love.  They destroy it.  Love is destroyed by jealousy, possessiveness.  The moment you try to possess your love-object, you have denied love; you have already denied.  You have declared that you don’t love.”

“Love is possible only if there is no possessiveness and no jealousy.  That means love has attained to renunciation.  You love the person, but you renounce possessiveness; you love the person, but you renounce jealousy; you love the person, but you don’t want to make a slave out of him or out of her; you love the person, but you respect his or her freedom; you love the person, but your love does not become an imprisonment.  You love, but yet you remain unattached.  You love, you love tremendously, but still you don’t cling – that is renunciation.”

“Love the world and don’t be attached.  Be in the world, but don’t be of the world – that is what renunciation is.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 159

We have been programmed since birth to misunderstand love.  One is likely to live an entire life without truly understanding love.  With a true understanding of love, you will know that real love goes hand and hand with freedom. 

In order to experience real love, we need to be free.  If we are to express real love, we need to allow freedom.  All beings need to have the freedom to stay or the freedom to leave.  All lovers need to be presently aware not thinking of the past or anticipating the future, but to simply enjoy the current moment together in bliss.  This is real love.  This love is living, it is alive, it is powerful, it is life changing, it cannot be contained. 

Ordinary love is like locking an animal inside a cage.  Real love is like setting the animal free to be a part of nature.  Those who truly love will come back, those who do not will move forward onto the next part of their lives.  When you allow freedom to love or not to love, that is what makes it living.  Love is like life, no love is like death.  Without death, there cannot be life.  In order to truly experience real love, you must allow freedom, this very freedom is what makes love alive.    

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