Thursday, April 30, 2015

Love With Detachment

Love With Detachment

“Detachment is not absence of interest – detachment is absolute interest, tremendous interest, but still with the capacity of non-clinging.  Enjoy the moment while it is there and when the moment starts disappearing, as everything is bound to disappear, let it go.  That is detachment.” – Osho “Tarot in the Spirit of Zen” – pg. 96

We should be in love with detachment.  We should be absolutely interested in one another, we should be in love, but we should not be attached.  We should not be possessive.  Like the beautiful sky, like the beautiful sun, we cannot own the sun, we cannot own the sky, but we can enjoy the beauty of it.  While it is there, we should enjoy it fully, when the sun starts to set, we let it go.  When the sky is no longer blue, when it starts to turn grey, we should not be upset, we should accept. 

While the love is there, while it is alive, enjoy it, fully enjoy it, be at one with it, be so at one with love that you become love.  Do not worry about how long the love will last, simply enjoy the love fully.  Death may end the love; a change of heart may end the love, but those are all thoughts of the future, the future does not exist, all that exists is this moment right now, and in this moment right now, you are full of love, so enjoy it, cherish it, and share it.  While you are full of love, share this love to the world, you will never know how long it will last, but I can say this, the more you share this love, the more love you will receive in return. 

Do not hoard love, hoarding love will kill it, it is like locking a bird away into a cage that is meant to be free, soon the bird will lose its beauty, soon the bird will become weak, soon the bird will die.  We are meant to share our love to this world in freedom, without freedom there cannot be love, without love there is very little joy in being free, love gives purpose to our freedom.  – SFL April 30 2015


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