Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Buddha's Are One

The Buddha’s Are One

“When I am with you, I feel like a boat on the wide ocean and the waves go higher and higher.  And then the question arises: are you me or am I you?”

“Two sides of one coin – both are right.  You can see this side, you can see that side.  The higher you go, the closer you come to me.  At the highest point, certainly this question arises: Who are you? – me or yourself?  In fact, those two entities have disappeared into one organic whole.  This is what I call devotion, the ultimate state of disciplehood.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 549

I feel at one with the great sages of whom I have become a disciple of.  I feel at one with 2pac, Bruce Lee, Lao-tzu, Buddha, Osho.  As I have grown I have grown with them.  I feel that their expression is one with my own and that my expression is an expression of theirs.  I am able to transform and adapt to change my expression according to the time and circumstances.  I see that once you discover the Buddha within, you become one with all Buddhas.  You understand all Buddhas.  We all have no names, we are all just one.  Their expression lives through me and my expression is expressed through their teachings.  Even when they have passed away, their teachings live on, even when I pass away, my teachings will live on, because the teachings of all Buddha’s lead towards the same source. 

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