Sunday, April 12, 2015

Love is Not a Contract

Love is Not a Contract

“You fall in love with a woman and you want to make the love permanent?  Then you are in danger – you are trying to make a wave permanent.  You go to court and the court puts a seal on your marriage; now it is a legal thing.  Love has disappeared; now it is a contract, and ugly.” – Osho “The Path of Love” pg. 218

Love cannot be a contract, it is a living thing.  It is breathing, it is alive.  It cannot and will not last forever but it should be appreciated while it is alive.  Love is like a living flower.  Marriage is like a plastic plant.  The living flower has beauty, it has fragrance, it has life!  The plastic plant is dead, it is a thing, it is manufactured, it has no spirit.  Love is living moment to moment in bliss and ecstasy, it is full of happiness and joy moment to moment, it is spontaneous.  Marriage is all ego, it is the mind, it is planning for the future, it is trying to capture the love of the past to bring it into the present.  Marriage is like decorating a prison cell.  Yes the prison cell might be nicely decorated, but it is still a prison cell!  Love is out in the open, being a part of nature, being close to the animals, to the blue skies, to the sun, to the moon, to the stars, to the plants, to the people.  Love is freedom. 

Marriage is a self-imposed subtle form of slavery.  What is of significance for a couple is not how long they have been married, but rather how long have they been in love?  If they have been married for 10 years but they have only been in love for 2 years, then it is the 2 years of love that is significant.  Marriage with no love is worthless.  It is like a body with no heart, it becomes a corpse.  Or a vehicle with no engine, maybe beautiful on the outside but without the engine what is the use?  Marriage is a mask, love is the spiritual substance within that brings joy to life.  Marriage without love is a self-imposed prison.  Love is freedom and bliss.  You either love and be free from marriage or you love while being married without allowing marriage to destroy the love you have within, love will always be stronger than marriage.

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