Monday, April 13, 2015

Perfect Love

Perfect Love

Perfect love is being in the moment at every moment.  Perfect love is being in meditation.  Animals are naturally in meditation, animals are naturally in the moment.  Notice the love of a happy puppy.  The puppy stays at home waiting for her master, all day she is waiting to see her master.  She is waiting to be pet; she is waiting to share her love and affections with her master when he comes home.  She is waiting to bark in joy, she is waiting to wag her tail in happiness, she is waiting to sit on her masters lap, she is waiting to sleep next to her master, she is waiting to be taken for a walk, she is waiting to be taken for a run, she is waiting to be taken outside to enjoy the beautiful sun, she is waiting to be fed, she is waiting to be loved, she is waiting to give love.  

She is always happy, no matter how long she waits, she is still full of happiness waiting for her master, no matter how long she has waited when her master comes home she is full of happiness, she is not thinking of the past or the future of what the master has or has not done, she is incapable of doing so, she is absolutely in the moment.  When the master arrives home after a long days work, she does not think to herself, “Who did the master pet other than me?” “Who did the master allow to sit on his lap other than me?” “Who has the master laughed and giggled with other than me?” “Who has the master slept with other than me?”  “Who has the master taken out to dinner other than me?” “Who has the master taken out for a walk other than me?” 

She is absolutely unconcerned with this trivia, she is presently aware in the moment, as soon as the master walks through the door she is ready to share all her affections with the master as the master is ready to share his affections with her.  She is smiling in absolute happiness and the master is smiling in absolute happiness, they are both absorbed in the moment.  The puppy has no mind, the puppy has no ego, the puppy cannot feel emotions of jealousy and possessiveness. 

Yes the puppy may wish to protect her master when she actually sees that her master may be in harms way but out of the sight of the puppy, the puppy cannot feel jealousy or possessiveness.  While the master is at work, while the master is spending time with friends and family, while the master is out and about, the puppy cannot feel jealousy and possessiveness, she is completely accepting of the master for whomever he is.  She completely respects the freedom of the master.  Her love and affection for her master is completely unconditional, it is completely pure.  Because her love for her master is free from jealousy and possessiveness, because her love for her master allows for total freedom, her love is completely pure and real. 

This is the real expression of love that nearly all humans are unable to express as adults.  This love comes natural as an infant, as a baby, and as a child, but as the child grows to become an adult, this love gets contaminated, it gets corrupted, it becomes ugly.  It is becomes filled with jealousy, possessiveness, anger, hatred, and death.  This “love” gets so polluted that it becomes the most ugly thing in the world.  What we call “love” is no longer love, it is the opposite of love, it is obsession, it is control, it is possessiveness, it is slavery.   If we learn to love like this puppy, our love will be forever enduring, it will be stronger than any law, it will be stronger than any marriage. 

Marriage is unneeded for the love between humans and animals; marriage also is unneeded between man and woman.  Love is the ultimate, love is God, love is Tao, nothing is above love, nothing is above God, nothing is above Tao, God and Tao cannot be expressed in words, love represents something that cannot be put into words.  Therefore, marriage will never be able to represent love, marriage is a disgrace towards love, love is beyond marriage. 

Contracts are a disgrace towards trust, real trust requires no contract, real trust comes from the heart, contracts are from the mind, contracts are ugly, contracts are ego.  Love is from the heart; marriage is a contract that comes from the mind.  Marriage is ugly, love is beautiful.  Animals and children know how to love unconditionally, they are pure, they have yet to be contaminated.  They are a living representation of pure love that all whom are yet to be awakened need to learn from. 

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