Sunday, April 26, 2015

You Are Not Born With Guilt

You Are Not Born With Guilt

“Guilt is not something that you are born with, it is not part of your nature.  Guilt is created by the society.  For example, every religion creates guilt – in different ways, but the technique is the same.  All the religions live, thrive, on guilty human beings.  First make them guilty – once you have succeeded in making somebody feel guilty, you have almost killed his spirit.  Now he will be a soulless slave to you.  As far as I am concerned, my whole work is in how to free you from guilt – not to transform it.” – Osho “Sermons in Stones” pg. 549

We create our own mental prisons everywhere we go.  We are programmed since birth to have a guilty conscience.  The programmers are our parents, relatives, schoolteachers, priests, politicians, doctors, lawyers, police officers, bosses, media, etc.  These programmers formulate a vast list of what is considered “right” and what is considered “wrong.”  Now everywhere we go, even when they are not physically with us, they are within our conscious, and within our conscious they have control over us, they have us enslaved. They tell us that making love is wrong, so we feel guilty about sex.  They tell us that guns are bad, so we are in total fear of guns.  They tell us a million and one things of what we should and should not do, now we live our lives as machines, we are not truly human, we are not truly free.  We will never be free until we learn to break free from this guilty conscious and follow our hearts towards the true Way. 


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